Prayer For a Sick Friend

My friend has had a very bad accident. He is in a different city and all I can do is pray for him. I dedicate this Prayer to my friend with every hope that he gets well soon. Is your heart heavy over a sick friend or family member? Do you wish you could do something to help? You can lift your friend or family member to the Lord in prayer. Here is a Bible verse and a prayer to help you ask God for healing.

Travel : Delhi Part 3

Delhi Visit : Day 2


Good Morning Lovelies!!
I love the breakfast @ Chanchal Deluxe :) The restaurant has an amazing ambience, awesome breakfast, many new faces. Makes me wonder Delhi definitely has a lot of foreign tourists. Okz so after the Amazing buffet breakfast, we checked out of the hotel. As it was our last day in Delhi and we were planning to leave Delhi the same evening so it was a better decision to check out.

Travel : Delhi Part 2



Arrived at Delhi ...Staying at Chanchal Deluxe, oh so many foreigners,sight to behold :P The girls from europe are so grand ..

Travel : Delhi Part 1

Hello Lovelies :)
This is a really old post that was pending from a very long time.I actually created the whole post through mobile blogger but never published it as my pics weren't ready. So I'm doing it now,Its an awesome experience of traveling to Delhi. Hope you guys enjoy it and hope it provides you some insight and help if you ever wish to visit Delhi :) Its an amazing place.

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Krazzy's Back ;)

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