Love @ First sight: Story of a DiSgRuNtLeD Heart!!!

Maybe you are there
Maybe you are not!!
People pretend to care
But they don’t share a thought.
Love is all around, love is underneath
But to most eyes  it's never seen.

Hatred all around isn’t really real
But that’s all that you can feel.
I don’t know what I want to say
I just want my lover back
Not that I can’t live without him
Or I have an obsessive knack
But it's good to know that you have someone to love back
In this world where you don’t seem to belong to anyone
It’s good to be somebody’s someone than be “nobody’s” best friend.
Yes he is a crazy ghost of a guy
Has been spooking around me since I was a young child.
Who is under the bed, who ate my apple pie
who scared the hell out of me when I was meant to be having
a good night!!
Oh,nobody sweety,it's nobody was the answer..
Couldn’t even ever give him a proper fight.
Unfortunately he ain’t leaving my side
even when I’m old enough to know the difference between him and boogie man
it's a just a new face he has adorned.
Who takes me to my favorite theatre, who whispers sweet nothings to my ears
Who makes me smile when I'm crying or bakes a cake on my b'day every year
Oh, nobody sweety, it's nobody …is still the answer!!!
Unfortunately it's not even that.
It's so strange to be alone when even Earth’s having storage problem
People live neighborhood and you notice them when they die.
Hasn’t man made a great way to greet it's called Hi.
People find it so hard to smile like they’ve been asked to climb some greatness and jump from there and suffer and die…
but tell ‘em to be mean, insult, bully, or say goodbye
they’ll show you the heights of apathy with all the right proportions of disregard and hatred.
yet life goes on..
Forget all this shit don’t let my pain let you waste what you like
a life, a smile, a great friendship and a sweet night..

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