My Day:14/07/11 :)

Back from Class!!
Now that is what you get if you don't get ready for your class on time!!So I am kinda Rapunzel (not being too immodest :P )
So I washed my hair today

in such a jiffy :| It was all such a commotion.I started out to the bath at 10:15 AM.Took approx 10:40 to wash my hair.Then I started to take a shower,with a face pack :P
All things at the same time(I really do act insane sometimes).When I got out of the shower in approx 10 mins I still had the face pack on,it didn't dry out,so I had to keep it longer :P  (Its one of those kinds,peel-off ones).

So here I was trying to dry my hair with my face pack on and as soon as I switched on the dryer all my hair got stuck in the face pack(its very sticky types) :P Insane!!!
It was already 10:55 AM !!I hurried and tied up my hair.I decided to go one at a time. (A very good option indeed!!) I got the face pack off my face,next I dried my hair,just so much that they don't drip :P and people accuse me of messing up the class!!I got dressed up and finally it was already 11:15 Am by then.

Ohh.Did I forgot to mention!! My class starts at 11:30 A.M. :P  and It approx 12-15 km away from my home,so its like 15-20 minutes minimum be it any kind of traffic.

Oh.I think this much is enuf ,rest is quite boring details,who cares!!By the time I reached class it was 11:45 am :P But guess what fortunately my instructor hadn't started the class yet!!! I was very very happy :)
and I even got my fav seat :D First row,second bench to be specific  ; )
 (yeah I've always been a first bencher!!the not-very-geeky-geeky types :P  )

Then is when I realized maybe it was too fast for me to say anything!!!

Most Embarrasing Moment Of My Life #Lost Count!!!

As my instructor came up to the class,he took the pen in his hand to write in his white board and suddenly a distinctly very  long strand of hair goes up and tangles in his fingers!! ofc the first benchers,me and my fellow benchers are the first to notice this!!All eyes turn to me, me=Flabbergasted !!!
Anyways being the calm instructor that he is,he doesn't create a fuss about it,elegantly removes it from his fingers and moves on!!(READ:Every inch of my inside is shouting out loud : S#!T)

Moving on with the class,he goes on to explain various concepts.This was the first class my attention level was almost nill,because all I could think of was the hair strand that was still somewhere here and hoping it would vanish without a clue.But as karma says What goes around Comes around!!

My instructor steps to the side dias to get the cd case and guess what he finds the pretty hair strand again that gets tangled up to him like always (READ: Alll eyes turn to me AGAIN!! )

me:Shouting inside--> D@ ^^n !!!

I really hate to list out all my embarrasing moments so I'm just gonna sum up:This thing happened like 3 to 4 times !!That hair of mine ( most probably coz noone in my class has long hair as mine :| :P ) just kept playing around,flying in the class like anything.Anyways it was a fun day  :D

Ok!!So I am juz exploring the all new G+,its nice,a few anomalies,here and there,but it ain't bad!
A refreshing change from FB!I'm gonna go now!! :)
Keep Smiling :)

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